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Estimate Your Giving!

Estimate of Giving for 2023


In response to God's love, an as faithful steward of God's gifts, please accept the following commitment of giving to the work of Christ and His church for 2023:

Thank you for your estimate of giving!

Why is returning an estimate of giving important?

This affirms your desire to honor God with your resources, and makes it possible for our church to plan ministries without hesitation and manage our finances wisely. It is an invitation to explore and deepen the gift of giving, which always blesses you more than it costs you.

What happens when I submit my estimate?

Your estimate will stay confidential, and is not a legally binding contract - it's your personal commitment to the work God is doing at Blacksburg United Methodist Church. If your situation changes and you need to change your estimate, just let us know at or 540-552-5424 extension 8.

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