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Shared Governance

Two Campuses, One Community and Mission

In 2023, Blacksburg United Methodist Church (BUMC) embarked on a new governance structure to allow efficient and effective operation of two campuses (edges and Church Street) while remaining a connected people of God.  The following diagram conveys an overview of our structure.

BUMC Governance Structure Proposed Plan.png

Cross-Campus Structures


Cross-Campus Partnership

  • Serves as BUMC Charge Conference.

  • Approves budgets of each campus.

  • Handle whole church policies, procedures, and modifications.

  • Stewards cross-campus celebrations.

edges-campus structures




guides all administrative committee work for the edges campus, including evc (equipping vital congregations), general governance and mission work, budget, staff parish relations, stewardship, etc.

Church Street Campus Structures

Church Street Leadership Team

  • Completes annual goal-setting work for Church St. campus

  • Monitors and supports progress toward goals

  • Oversees and collaborate with Church St. committees

  • Handles general governance and mission work of Church St. campus

Our Team.

The following document identifies the individuals elected to leadership roles for our shared governance structure.

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