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How To: A Guide to Reading the Bible

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The Bible can both appeal to us and repulse us.  How we choose to read it can decide the difference.  While a black-and-white approach is attractive, it can also be simplistic and demonic.  But other non-literal interpretations can be just as offensive and misguided.  God’s living word speaks in profoundly meaningful ways through these different, ancient voices.  To hear its ringing truth, we might want to take off our glasses and check the lenses we are using.  Join us this January as, together, we learn how to read and wrestle a blessing from the scriptures

Leave the Light On

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On this Second Sunday of Christmas, the festivities have drawn to a close. As we take down the tree, pack up our Christmas decorations, and return to life as normal…it’s not really normal, is it? John tells us that Jesus is the “light that is the life of all people.” Indeed, his incarnation, the reality of God-with-us in Jesus Christ, has changed everything–not just in the Christmas season, but always.  How might our lives, our community, be different if we leave the light on, clinging to the light so that we are not overcome by the encroaching darkness?

The Weary World Rejoices

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More than ever, we are all yearning for Christmas!  We long to rejoice with the angels, proclaiming, “Peace on earth!”  How do we discover joy amid continued pain and disappointment?  What might it look like to live more in faith than in fear, in hope than in despair?  And how would this change our society and our world?  Join the people of Blacksburg UMC’s Church St. campus this December as we approach the gift of Christmas with great anticipation and rejoicing.  We’ll seek God’s help to turn our sadness into singing!

The Thought that Changed the World

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Grace. Mercy. Forgiveness. In a world where worth is measured by productivity or profit, these free gifts are hard to come by. And yet, they are the quiet, unseen forces which bring healing and reconciliation to fractured people and communities. How do we seek this grace unleashed through the cross? Or better yet, how do we let it have its way in our lives? Join us as we immerse ourselves in the thought that changes the world.

The Open Door

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Our re-entry into public life and shared spaces has been challenging to navigate.  While many are ready to burn their facemasks and get back to "normal life," others are still not ready to venture out unmasked--whether vaccinated or not.  As people of faith, we have a role to play. What can you and I do to make these public spaces welcoming again?  How might we work in our communities to help bring people back together again?  When masks and shields and social distancing have exacerbated estrangement from each other, how might we--in the church and elsewhere--facilitate coming back together?  Through this new sermon series, "The Open Door," we'll equip ourselves to open the doors of our hearts, our church and our community to one another in deeper ways! 

We hope you will join us.

Breathe Series

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(Ordinary Time: May 16 – May 30 Pentecost)

Breathing is an essential of life.  And yet, so often, we find ourselves oblivious to how little air is making it into our lungs.  Shallow breaths lead to anxious and shallow living—the kind of existence that’s more about surviving than thriving.   We were made for so much more!  As we reconnect with in-person worship—and reconnect with our breath—the Holy Spirit will inspire us to conspire against the forces that suck the life out of us.

Life on the Other Side

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(Ordinary Time: April 11 – May 9)

When we experience traumatic events—those earthquake moments that alter the landscape of our lives, our outlook on the world—we usually need some time to adjust and regroup before we’re ready to continue a new journey. This is why Jesus stuck around after the Resurrection. For forty days the risen Christ ate with, walked with, and talked with his disciples. He did this to help them (and us) to begin to understand what’s taken place, and how that changes things. This new worship series will empower us to move into this new frame of reference: to help us understand the reality of Resurrection, and its ramifications for our lives and our world as we emerge into a new day.

Everyday Divinity Lenten Series

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(Ordinary Time: February 17- March 28)

Each day God is waiting to surprise us in the minutia of life. Often we’re too busy, too distracted, too stuck in our own thoughts to notice. By walking us through challenging, real-life moments, this worship series will open our hearts and minds to the risen Christ. He seeks to awaken us to beauty and hope. Right now. Today. Every day. 

Fear Not Series

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(Epiphany:  January 10 – February 7) 

This week we embark on a worship series entitled Fear Not.  This is a timely conversation to have, asking the question:  How might we live as people of courage and hope in the face of fear?  Without resorting to violence?  Without resorting to recklessness or carelessness?   We'll seek to understand how fear works, and how God's Spirit can empower us to face our fears with courage, growing us as more mature disciples of Jesus Christ.  Log in and join us!

Visioning Series: 

Connect, Inspire and Respond

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(Ordinary Time:  November 8-22) 

What does the future hold when we cannot see what is ahead? This sounds like our body politic as we wait in limbo for the election results. It also sounds like the people of God when walking through uncertain times.  While our eternal destination may be clear, we cannot see five years from now, or even one year from now.  Where are we going?

Over the next three Sundays, Pastor Brad's goal is to paint a picture of the coming year. Like a caterpillar inside a cocoon, God's work is to bring about a transformation. Our work is to connect, inspire, and respond. Please worship with us online over these next weeks to get a clearer picture of where we are headed, and how you and I can be a part of it. 

Discerning Democracy: Finding Grace in the Election

YT FINAL Discerning Democracy

(Ordinary Time:  October 11- 25) 

Our society has lost civility—something election years make abundantly clear.  Can’t we all just learn to get along?  Yet, with the racial, economic and pandemic turmoil in our nation and our world, the stakes have rarely been higher.  The leaders we elect—and the policies they stand for—will shape our collective future.  How do we survive?  How do we choose?  Join us this October as we seek guidance from the scriptures, and from forgotten wisdom of the Methodist tradition.  We will learn to think, listen, speak and vote with faith, hope and love. 

"ELIJAH" Series

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(Ordinary Time:  September 6-27) 

Life can be overwhelming.  Problems, sorrows and disappointments sometimes steal all our joy.  Life was no less harsh for the man Elijah.  He faced public ridicule, death threats, natural disasters, and even his own despair.  And yet…through it all, God used Elijah to bring hope and direction to a lost people.  How did he do it?  How can we do the same in our own lives?  Join us as we retell the amazing story of Elijah, that God might stir-up prophetic power in our own lives. 

"ROOTED" Series

Click on the graphic below to watch a video introduction from Reverend Brad Dulaney to learn more about BUMC's ROOTED Worship Series.

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Trees have much to teach us about life together.  From how they raise their young, to how they communicate, the trees of the forest show us how to thrive in a web of sacred relationships.  In an age of consumer choice, mobility, and political and cultural divisions, what does it look like to be rooted in the Christian community?  Join us as we are grounded in love!

"STORIES" Series

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Life is made up of moments that, over time, become stories.  Where we have come from, when we have experienced God, how we formed relationships with others…all of these and more come together and form the narrative of our lives, our church, our community, and our world.  Join us this July as our new pastors, Brad and Mandy, share their stories across both BUMC campuses, invite us to consider our own stories, and weave them together so that we can better see the greater God-story of which we all are apart.