Discerning Democracy: Finding Grace in the Election

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(Ordinary Time:  October 11- 25) 

Our society has lost civility—something election years make abundantly clear.  Can’t we all just learn to get along?  Yet, with the racial, economic and pandemic turmoil in our nation and our world, the stakes have rarely been higher.  The leaders we elect—and the policies they stand for—will shape our collective future.  How do we survive?  How do we choose?  Join us this October as we seek guidance from the scriptures, and from forgotten wisdom of the Methodist tradition.  We will learn to think, listen, speak and vote with faith, hope and love. 

Previous Worship Series

"ELIJAH" Series

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(Ordinary Time:  September 6-27) 

Life can be overwhelming.  Problems, sorrows and disappointments sometimes steal all our joy.  Life was no less harsh for the man Elijah.  He faced public ridicule, death threats, natural disasters, and even his own despair.  And yet…through it all, God used Elijah to bring hope and direction to a lost people.  How did he do it?  How can we do the same in our own lives?  Join us as we retell the amazing story of Elijah, that God might stir-up prophetic power in our own lives. 

"ROOTED" Series

Click on the graphic below to watch a video introduction from Reverend Brad Dulaney to learn more about BUMC's ROOTED Worship Series.

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Trees have much to teach us about life together.  From how they raise their young, to how they communicate, the trees of the forest show us how to thrive in a web of sacred relationships.  In an age of consumer choice, mobility, and political and cultural divisions, what does it look like to be rooted in the Christian community?  Join us as we are grounded in love!

"STORIES" Series

Life is made up of moments that, over time, become stories.  Where we have come from, when we have experienced God, how we formed relationships with others…all of these and more come together and form the narrative of our lives, our church, our community, and our world.  Join us this July as our new pastors, Brad and Mandy, share their stories across both BUMC campuses, invite us to consider our own stories, and weave them together so that we can better see the greater God-story of which we all are apart.

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