No Room in the Inn

Walking with Mary and Joseph to Christmas

Los Pasados.png

This year’s safe, family-friendly Christmas worship experience: No Room in the Inn. Use your biblical imagination and walk through local neighborhoods to experience this worship service honoring Joseph and Mary’s journey to the inn, in the tradition of the Mexican Las Posadas Service.


Las Posadas: In the Hispanic tradition of Latin American countries, especially in Mexico, one of the oldest celebrations is Las Posadas. It was created by the Augustinian Father Diego de Soria about 1587 to introduce Christianity to the New World, and now it is revised by United Methodists Carlos Avendano, Raquel M. Martinez, and Roberto Escamilla. This celebration takes place during Advent.


It is a preparation for, and anticipation of, the birth of the Savior, commemorating the nine months when Mary carried the infant Jesus in her womb and emphasizing his coming again and the need of all persons for repentance and God's mercy. Las Posadas is a Christian, biblical, and evangelistic service out of the Hispanic culture. 

Well ahead of time, eight homes of church members are chosen in different areas for the eight nights prior to Christmas Eve. On the appointed day, people meet at the corner near the home to be visited. In small communities, this procession of pilgrims would walk from one home to another, but in large communities, it could be a car caravan. Traditionally, persons carry lighted candles and sing as they walk. In the lead may be Mary, seated on a donkey, with Joseph. Children, possibly dressed as shepherds and the magi, accompany the procession.


No Room in the Inn will include a physically distanced walk through a local neighborhood by candlelight (glowsticks), and precautions (masks, distance, sanitization, preregistration, health acknowledgment) are being taken to make this a safe and meaningful experience.