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Vitalize: Giving Life to God’s Dream for Our Community

As we at Blacksburg United Methodist Church look to the future, we have an opportunity to partner with God and one another to enhance our ministries to each other and the community. While we are blessed with sound church buildings on both of our campuses, there are improvements needed to our facilities and technology. Through our collective efforts we will deepen our capacity to welcome and provide hospitality because, on both campuses, we value the importance of community. We can join together to make these needed capital improvements a reality through the VITALIZE campaign!


Some of the changes we envision – like a new bathroom, lobby space upgrades, and spaces for small groups of members and guests to gather – will be easily noticed. And some of those changes – like advanced equipment and technology that improve the reach in our facilities and our worship experiences – will not be as obvious but will deepen virtual and in-person connections.


We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can make an impact as we strive to share God’s love with each other and the world.

Make your commitment now! You can download and print a commitment card to leave in the offering plate or offering boxes. Or you can also fill out this online commitment


Hospitality area
and terrace




All gender bathroom

Kite Chapel expansion

Vitazlie is a two-year, $500,000 stewardship campaign for capital improvements. The goal is lofty, but the results will bring exciting new energy to our church.


Some of the critical improvements have already been made, with the money coming out of the operating budget, such as resealing the parking lot at the Harding Avenue campus, purchasing computer equipment for livestreaming, and upgrading the preschool wing including a new security door for the preschool.

Our generous support of the operating fund must remain strong for covering the day-to-day expenses of ongoing ministries and mission. This above-and-beyond capital campaign giving will fund a litany of projects:

  • renovation of the Central Conference Room at the Church Street campus into a welcoming hospitality area, augmented with an adjoining outside terrace

  • an awning down the side of the Church Street campus to define how to enter the building

  • a new all gender bathroom at the Harding Avenue campus

  • expansion of the Kite Chapel on the Church Street campus into a family room for small gatherings, including wedding and funeral parties

  • new flooring for the education wing at the Church Street campus

  • computer technology and worship equipment upgrades at both campuses

  • updated furnishings and décor in the Church Street campus narthex, lobby, and hallway spaces to unify aesthetics throughout the building


Even though the projects may be finished before the mini-campaign ends, it is important that we are fiscally responsible and pay them off as quickly as possible. For some of our members and friends, a one-time gift is a possibility. For others, spreading a gift over the two-year period makes more sense.


We feel that God is calling our church to this new phase of its life. How is God calling you to Vitazlie your spiritual life, as well as that of your church, through your participation in these visionary ministries?

Complete Project List + Estimate

Hospitality Area on Church St. Campus

Kite Family Room Expansion/Renovation

Terrace / Patio on Church St. Campus

All Gender Bathroom at edges

Resealing edges Parking Lot

New Worship Technology at edges

Office Technology Upgrades 

Narthex, Nursing Room, Lobby & Hallway Updates

on Church St. Campus

New Entrance/Awning on Lee St. Entrance

Enhancements for Preschool

Technology Upgrades for Church St. Campus

New Interior Signage for Church St. Campus

Nursery Renovations on Church St. Campus

Flooring and Lighting Upgrades in Ed. Bldg.

Donation Center for Mission Collections





















To view more details and renderings on the major projects, click a link below:

Make your commitment now!

We ask that you prayerfully consider a one or two year commitment to the VItalize campaign while still maintaining your usual gift to the church. ​

You can download and print a commitment card to leave in the offering plate or offering boxes. Or you can also fill out this online commitment

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