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These are exciting days now that we have entered the next phase of “the Changeover Zone” and are preparing to receive our new pastors. The Staff Pastor Relations Committee is even more excited about the ministry and growth opportunities to come under the leadership of Blacksburg United Methodist Church’s next pastors, Rev. Brad Dulaney and Rev. Mandy Newman!


What is a "Listening Post"?

Brad and Mandy are eager to "hit the ground running," and learn more about our church and its ministries.  That is why we have organized a "Listening Tour" during their first 100 days as your incoming pastors!

 Here is how the Listening Tour happens:

  • We invite members of the congregation to gather for 90 minutes in small groups (8-10 people not including the pastors). Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, for now, all meetings will default to Zoom Video Chats.

    • If current VA State Social Distancing Regulations and UMC District guidelines allow, based on the size and comfortability with the individuals registered for a scheduled Listening Post, the Host and Pastors will collectively decide which meetings will be hosted in-person versus on Zoom.

      • In-person Listening Posts can include meetings in homes, outdoors, or other various in-person gathering spaces with proper social distancing measures observed.

  • Signing up for a "Listening Post" allows an excellent opportunity to share with Brad and Mandy from your perspective about the church's history, culture, and future! 

    • The "Listening Post" is just that: a time for them to listen and learn about our church and its members!  

    • This meeting is not a time for us to 'interview' them or to probe their views and vision. They both want to be doing a whole lot more "listening" than talking!

  • Please sign up soon and encourage your friends and others to sign-up as well; The "Listening Tour" will work best when as many people as possible participate!

    • You will receive a confirmation message once you have signed up. 


Our goal is to reach as many people as possible through these “Listening Posts.”

Schedule of Upcoming Listening Posts

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You will receive a confirmation email once you have signed up.

July Listening Post Schedule
July Listening Post Schedule

August Listening Post Schedule
August Listening Post Schedule

September Listening Post
September Listening Post

More dates to be added later**

July Listening Post Schedule
July Listening Post Schedule