Worship at Blacksburg UMC

Due to COVID-19, we are holding Worship Services online.

 Rev. Brad Dulaney, Rev. Jennifer Fletcher, and members of our Worship Team will be watching and interacting in the comment section with viewers as the Worship Video publishes on our BUMC Traditional Youtube Page every Sunday at 11 am!

Watch a video update from Rev. Brad Dulaney on Blacksburg UMC's Ministry in Pandemic


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 Coming up Sunday, January 24

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Reverend Brad Dulaney|Scripture: John 5:1-9 (NRSV)Fear Not Series "Examine the Facts"

  Sunday, January 17

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Reverend Brad Dulaney|Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33| Fear Not Series "Face Your Fears"

 Sunday, January 10

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Sunday, January 3

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Reverend Brad Dulaney|Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

  Sunday, December 27

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Reverend Jennifer Fletcher|Scripture: Luke 2:22-40|First Sunday after Christmas

 Thursday, December 24

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Reverend Brad Dulaney|Scripture: Luke 2:1-20|Christmas Eve Online Worship

 Sunday, December 20

Copy of Fourth sunday of advent listen w

Reverend Brad Dulaney|Scripture: John 1:1-5 |Fourth Sunday of Advent

Sunday, December 13

Copy of Third sunday of advent listen we

 Sunday, December 6

Reverend Brad Dulaney|Scripture: Isaiah 7:10-16, Matthew 1:18-25|Third Sunday of Advent

 Sunday, November 29

Virtual Christmas Worship Experience| "When We Needed a King"|Second Sunday of Advent

Sunday, November 22

Rev. Jennifer Fletcher| Scripture: Luke 1:26-33|First Sunday of Advent

Sunday, November 15

Sunday, November 8

 Sunday, November 1

Rev. Jennifer Fletcher| Scripture: Revelation 7:9-17|All Saints' Sunday

Sunday, October 25

Sunday, October 18

Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: Mark 12:28-34|Discerning Democracy Series

Sunday, October 11

Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: James 2:5-17|Discerning Democracy Series

Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: Exodus 22:21-27|Discerning Democracy Series

Sunday, October 4

Rev. Bret Gresham| Scripture: Matthew 22:32-40|Wesley Sunday

Sunday, September 27

Rev. Jennifer Fletcher| Scripture: 1 Kings 19:1-15a |ELIJAH Series

Sunday, September 20

Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: 1 Kings 21:1-21a |ELIJAH Series

Sunday, September 13

Rev. Jennifer Fletcher| Scripture: 1 Kings 18:20-39 |ELIJAH Series

Sunday, September 6

Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: 1 Kings 17:8-24|ELIJAH Series

Sunday, August 30

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Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: Ephesians 3:14-21|ROOTED Series

Sunday, August 23

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Sunday, August 16

Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: Jeremiah 17:5-8|ROOTED Series

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Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: Psalm 92:12-15|ROOTED Series

Sunday, August 9

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Rev. Brad Dulaney| Scripture: Romans 11:16-24|ROOTED Series

Previous Worship Services

Before COVID-19, and hopefully safely again one day in the future, Blacksburg UMC's Sunday Morning Worship resembled this.

Did you miss a service? Watch and listen to services from previous weeks at Blacksburg UMC.

Rev. Jennifer Fletcher | Scripture: Matthew 14:13-21, Genesis 32:22-31

Rev. Brad Dulaney | Scripture: Ephesians 2:11-22, Luke 6:12-16| STORIES Series

Rev. Brad Dulaney | Scripture: 1 Kings 19:19-21, Acts 16:1-12| STORIES Series

Rev. Brad Dulaney | Scripture: Exodus 4:1-5 | STORIES Series

Rev. Brad Dulaney | Scripture: Jeremiah 1:4-10 | STORIES Series

Rev. Jennifer Fletcher | Scripture: Matthew 10:40-42

Rev. Jennifer Fletcher | Scripture: Matthew 10:24-39

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