BUMC Lenten Toolkit

In the mail, you should have received a BUMC Lenten Toolkit for additional tools to help you practice Everyday Divinity and participate with us during our Online Worship Service! 

If you did not receive a Lenten tool kit in the mail, you may request one by clicking here. 

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This box is a gift. 

It comes to you with much love and a prayer that its contents will help you see God more each day. As we enter Lent and prepare for Easter, you are invited to come back to our shared first love: God. Enclosed are tools that, along with the Everyday Divinity worship series, can help you to connect more deeply with God, and with others. But tools must be used to have any impact. So try them. 


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May we together prepare the soil of our lives for the resurrection which is coming.  


With love in Christ, 

Your friends at BUMC 


Online Lenten Toolkit Resources: 

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Online Daily Devotional-



Spotify Lenten Playlist-


From week 5, "Stuck in my Head," Pastor Brad offers an intro into Centering Prayer Practice:

Click here to view the Welcome Prayer from week four: "When Disrupted".

Suggested Apps- For our Everday Divinity Lenten Series:


Rebooted First Five on Facebook--Our First Five is moving to 7 a.m., and will last longer (10 to 15 minutes) so that more people might pop in and share specific prayer requests for the pastors to lift before God.  Just drop in whenever you can for as long as you want.  On our Facebook Page, click the expanded menu button [...], and then click on "Follow Settings."   Under "Notifications," click "Live Video."  "All Notifications" will ensure that, whenever our First Five begins, you'll receive a notification, and can easily join our prayer time. https://www.facebook.com/blacksburgumc


Click here to read Pastor Jennifer Fletcher's favorite liturgy for the "ritual of morning coffee"!


YouVersion Bible App--It includes many different Bible reading plans, including some for Lent.  Pastor Brad especially likes the plan "Bible in One Year with Nicky Gumbel" for those who are hungry to go deeper.  https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app/


Centering Prayer App--If you're new to Centering Prayer, this meditative prayer practice is quite simple--even if doing the practice is not so easy.  This app gives you the Four Guidelines of Centering Prayer and also provides an easy timer to use.  https://www.contemplativeoutreach.org/centering-prayer-mobile-app/


Specific Devotional/Prayer Book Options--Below are a few that Pastor Brad has used over the years and recommends. Another option some find helpful is the Upper Room, which can be picked up from the church office every two months.

We look forward to worshiping together in the coming weeks! 


Ash Wednesday Service – February 17 

Service available all day on YouTube; ashes enclosed 



Everyday Divinity Lenten Series 

Each day God is waiting to surprise us in the minutia of life. Often we’re too busy, too distracted, too stuck in our own thoughts to notice. By walking us through challenging, real-life moments, this worship series will open our hearts and minds to the risen Christ. He seeks to awaken us to beauty and hope. Right now. Today. Every day. 


Sundays at 11:00 am and afterward on our BUMC Traditional Youtube Page:


  • February 21    Starting Off in a Flurry 

  • February 28    Bouncing in the Pinball Machine 

  • March 7           Eating Alone 

  • March 14         When Disrupted 

  • March 21         Stuck in My Head  

  • March 28         Crashing at Day’s End 

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