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From Meeting to Meet, to Bearing Good Fruit


Summit #2: Voices at the Table 


Why is it important to have different voices at the table?  How can that diversity help shape the team? What things can you do to strengthen team conversation and collaborate for fruitful ministry?

Voices at the Table is an hour and a half long group engagement designed to explore why team relationship building and collaboration is so important to ministry.  This time will focus on the importance of self-assessment as a leader and diversity in group make-up.  It will provide real conversation about why differing perspectives are vital to the work of the team and how to listen and draw out every voice.  


Join our next Lead with Purpose Summit: Voices at the Table on Sunday, June 27, at 7:00pm via Zoom.  Sign up be a part of this vital conversation.  Once you do, you’ll receive information about what to expect and how to prepare.


Have questions?  Contact Pastor Brad at brad@blacksburgumc.org  


Sponsored by BUMC’s Pastoral Team

After registering, please review the links below to help prepare yourself for Summit #2: