BUMC has been in ministry in Kyiv, Ukraine, since BUMC hosted six Russian children and a chaperone for two-and-a-half weeks in the summer of 1998.  With donations from almost 300 members, BUMC helped purchase a building for Spring of Life UMC’s ministry, which houses Spring of Life UMC’s congregation and the Kyiv UMC Center which has a ministry to children and families at risk.  Mission teams from each country have visited each other’s churches and homes, forming lasting bonds.


Thus, we at BUMC are especially heartbroken over the situation in Ukraine.  Apparently, most of the members have fled Kyiv for safer areas in Ukraine or other nations in the E.U.  The church building, itself, is being used as a bomb shelter in the city. Meanwhile, one of the leaders who visited BUMC several years back, Pavel Osipenko, fled with his family to western Ukraine, and wrote with an update.  He said, "To help migrants from dangerous regions of Ukraine, we organized a place for temporary residence in a local school. Today is the end of only the fourth day of our work, and we have already sheltered 86 people, and last night 62 people spent the night at the same time. There are many small children among them."


As Lead Pastor Brad Dulaney said, “Please continue to pray, and also to give to support our special collection to support Ukraine.”

In Christ,

BUMC Kyiv ministry team



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​​Money BUMC has collected for Spring of Life was wired to Validimir, its pastor, who is currently in Poland, to purchase a computer so that he can effectively communicate with members of the church. Here is an update on the members of Spring of Life from his wife Mila.

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Two ways to donate:

1) Contributions to BUMC marked “Ukraine” will be split, with half going toward the United Methodist Committee on Relief  (UMCOR) Advance for immediate relief and half being put into the existing endowment that assists Spring of Life UMC for rebuilding – in whatever form that takes – after the war.

2) Contributions to BUMC marked “Advance #982450” will be directed to UMCOR, which is already partnering with agencies on the ground to assist those displaced by the fighting.



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