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8:30 Word & Table 

A simple, low-tech service for those seeking a more reflective experience of worship.  Using the liturgy of word and table, and well-loved hymns, encounter the living Christ through the scriptures, preaching and Holy Communion each week.  


Beginning Sunday, March 6 in the Church St. Sanctuary


11:00 Sanctuary

Sanctuary worship is rooted in our rich liturgical tradition, while also branching out with creative, artistic expressions of devotion and praise.  With richly varied music spanning classical and diverse global elements, Sanctuary embodies the Word-made-flesh in expansive ways.  Elementary-aged children participate in the concurrent WonderLab, except for the first Sundays, when they are invited to worship with their families and the greater community in sharing Holy Communion. Childcare is available for children up to age five weekly.


To join our livestream 11:00 worship, or view previous 11:00 services, Click Here.

No pre-registration will be required for either service.


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UPDATE: Due to our COVID-19 Community Level being reduced last week by the CDC from high to medium level (yellow), or Post-Covid Reentry Group (PRG) is easing a number of restrictions.  Beginning Sunday, March 20, we are initiating the following changes:

  • Mask-wearing is optional in all of our facilities; the only exceptions are related to our children's ministries, small groups/classes, and preschool (see below).

  • Food service (coffee, receptions, meals, etc.) will be permitted, assuming responsible food safety practices are observed.

  • While all are still welcome to practice it, physical distancing is no longer required.

  • Youth ministry precautions no longer require opening exterior doors for airflow.

  • On the Church St. campus, all masking of children of all ages is at parental discretion. 

  • On the edges campus, all children will remain masked for the time being.

  • All adults or youth who are working with the children will continue to be masked at this time across both campuses.   

  • Small groups, classes, committees, teams, etc. may decide for themselves as a group whether or not to consider masks optional when hosting in-person meetings.

  • The preschool (BUMP) will continue with full masking for everyone until their board decides otherwise.  When preschool is in session, all persons entering the Education Building must wear a mask.

  • The pastors may exercise their own discretion in our Communion practices.

*** The PRG recognizes that, if/when the next wave of Covid occurs, we may need to return to some of the precautions. I trust we will all honor the desire many will have to continue masking in the sanctuary. 

Click the button below to access our online In-Person Worship Resources:

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