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Our Healthy Church Team (HCT) continues meeting to monitor the requirements of the Virginia Conference UMC, the guidance of our elected officials, and advice from health experts in order to determine when and how we will begin offering opportunities for in-person worship and other church functions.  

Most importantly, we are seeking God’s guidance in these decisions.
This frees our clergy, staff and church leadership to do these important pastoral transitions well, and also to develop guidelines so that we might try smaller gatherings for other ministries (small groups, missions, etc.).


The 11-member task force is chaired by Tom Gabbard and includes representation from both BUMC campuses.  Membership includes 2 trustees (Tom Gabbard & Shane Larkin), Chair and Vice-Chair of Council (Eric Kaufman & Anthony Dove), an attorney (Jen Friedel), a healthcare professional (Dr. Chris Mertes), and all current BUMC pastors (Jennifer, Brad, and Mandy).  Beyond this group, we intend to consult others who may have information that would be critical to the development of our plan.

The Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church has now released a handbook and other documents that provide specific guidance and strict requirements that must be followed by local churches as they prepare for a return to in-person worship and other gatherings.  

Click here to see these documents.  

BUMC Small Group Requirements

Our Healthy Church Team and Ronoake District Superintendent has approved a plan to allow Small Group Gatherings to take place at BUMC. The following are documents that outlay the requirements of all small groups to observe in order to safely and prayerfully consider to gather again on church grounds:


BUMC Small Group Requirements

Health Acknowledgment Poster

Health Acknowledgment Form

Online Instructions for Submitting Health Acknowledgment Form

Building and room space will be limited during this time. All room reservations and inquiries for BUMC Small Groups can be directed to our Director of Administration, Shannon Dillon via email ( or by phone at

(540) 552-5424 ex. 0.

Non-church affiliated and other community groups interested in room reservations should direct inquiries to Associate Pastor Jennifer Fletcher ( or Chair of the Trustees Committee Tom Gabbard ( for approval.