Letter from Mila

This is an update on everyone that Vladimir and Mila are in touch with from their church.


Irina Volodarka - April 16, 2022


Letter stamps

The Arnaut family went to Germany. Alexander, the husband, was able to leave Ukraine because they have three children. The children are already going to school there, while Alexander works at his Ukrainian job from home. His wife is a massage therapist and she tries to serve everyone there who needs massage. They live at a mission house with seven other families.

My cousin Tanya also went to Germany with her husband, oldest daughter and grandson. There, they settled with her younger daughter who had been living in Germany for a long time. Yesterday, they moved to a flat of their own given to them by the social services. 

Margarita is also in Germany. She had been in the occupied Bucha. She barely managed to escape, even brought her dog out. Yesterday, we all had to pray hard for her because she had a kidney stone passing but praise God, it is now over.

Four of our brothers and sisters remain in Kyiv. We sent you some photos of them last time where they settled in our church building. 

One more woman from our church went to Belgium with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Conditions there are very nice, they are very glad. They are expecting a municipal flat very soon. Two days ago they got bikes as presents for the whole family. They are very glad because the town is small and bikes are almost  the only means of transportation. So now they are mobile, too. Their children went to school and to a tennis school. Out of the 100 euro fee they pay only 10 euro, the rest is paid by the government. The same happens with trains and public transportation.

Some people remain in Western Ukraine. In particular, our nephew Zhenya Fedorov, who had his son born in February. He and his wife are in Ternopol. 

Pavel Osipenko is busy with a refugee camp. I think he is in correspondence with you already. His wife is also in Belgium (or now maybe in the Netherlands). 

Us seven prople are in Poland. For a week one more sister from our church stayed with us, sleeping on a matress on the kitchen floor. But we have finally found her a nice house in a neighboring village.  Our daughter Ksenia has also found herself a flat snd will move their soon. Her husband Yura will be renting it for her. We are of course sorry to see her go and the children will have to change schools, but it is for the best because our little house is super crowded. They will live 30 km from us.   We will remain with my sister Zhenya, her husband and their dog.