JP @ Home!

Welcome to the JP @ Home page! We are so excited that you are tuning in to join us for our virtual Jeremiah Project week ~ BUMC Youth style ~

This page will be full of the daily challenges, the schedule, and videos! Check it all out below!


Hebrews 12:1-3

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Daily Challenges

Instagram - Facebook

Check out the youth instagram and Tik Tok each day for a challenge from one of the staff members! Snap some quick photos or make a tik tok of your challenge and send it in for some great prizes! 

Morning Devotional

10-15 minute morning devotional and worship playlist led by a BUMC High School Youth!

Grab your bible, a journal, and a pen and sit somewhere with no distractions. Each morning check here for a short morning devotional led by one of the staff members! After the devotional, tune in to a youtube worship playlist and have some quiet time between you and God!


In-Person Events!

It wouldn't be a JP week without Waterballoon Volleyball right?! Check our calendar below for all our events over the week!

Blacksburg United Methodist Church /  540.552.5424 / Mailing Address: PO Box 931, Blacksburg, VA 24063