Ukrainians in Action

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 It is 62 day of the war.

Each day more people leave their houses when they try to escape the war.
We received a new place for shelter recently and are trying to equip it.

It is one floor of a 9th floor building, it has 20 rooms.   We plan to host 80 people in a new place.

Dear friends, who pray and continue to support us financially, we are very grateful to you.

Your participation, love and care for us in difficult times are precious.

Oleg Starodubets, District Superintendent of Ukraine UMC

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Yellow Flowers

Please find a note from Pavel Osipenko who along with Oksana were providing leadership for the Spring Family Center. Oksana and the children are in the Netherlands.   I have been sending Pavel notes to let him know we are praying for him, his family and his work.


Pavel is doing amazing ministry and I am proud that we know him from our visits to Kyiv and his visit to Blacksburg.  

- Minnis Ridenour

Dear Minis and Louise,


I'm sorry for not writing you back for so long.  The last few weeks have been very stressful for our entire team.  We are opening another shelter and increase our work.

A little about the Spring Family Center.

Exactly 5 years ago, Oksana and I have started working on the Spring Family Center.  All these years we have invested our strength and knowledge to create something special for children and parents.  And I'm happy it worked!  It was an amazing time!  But the war crossed everything.  Most of the employees and children left Kyiv.  And I'm glad everyone is safe now.  I am also glad that the facility is now used as a bomb shelter, there are always people there.

We very much expect that after the victory of Ukraine in this terrible war, we will be able to restore everything and return to our usual life.


And while the war goes on, we are doing everything possible to help people who are leaving their homes and fleeing from shelling and rocket attacks and move to the western part of Ukraine, at the safe place.  Over the past 49 days, we have sheltered more than 600 refugees to improve the situation in different countries, many have been left homeless, some have lost their loved ones.  They need help and support now.


All these days we hosted people at school facility, and now we are setting up another shelter.  We rented a whole floor in a publishing house, this is a large facility and of about 500 m2.

At the moment, the preparation is going in, we already bought new mattresses, refrigerators, a dishwasher and other equipment.  In this case, there will be more comfortable conditions, and we will be able to receive about 80 people.  It is also planned to open later the third center.  Outside of Ukraine, we also help refugees.  Oksana helped to find a place for over 100 Ukrainian refugees in Europe.


I am grateful to God for the opportunity to be helpful in this difficult time and for the miracles that He makes every day.

I am grateful for your prayer support!  Also, any financial support - that turns into food, clothing, warmth and comfort for refugees.



Павел Осипенко

April 22, 2022