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For more than 200 years, generous members of Blacksburg United Methodist Church have carried on life-changing ministries in the greater Blacksburg and university communities through worship, service, and connection.

Our History and Impact

Blacksburg United Methodist Church is located in the heart of the "16 Squares," the original footprint of the town of Blacksburg. Formed in 1783, Blacksburg United Methodist Church gave birth to the Olin & Preston Institute, known today as Virginia Tech.

Throughout our rich history, and in the tradition of Methodism's founder John Wesley, Blacksburg UMC has spread the gospel with a pioneering spirit, positioning itself at the frontier of the area's faith development.


Our Mission & Challenge

Using the same forward thinking of the early founders, the Blacksburg United Methodist Church of today is continuing to turn its dreams into a reality by forming new followers of Jesus Christ through dynamic worship and quality spiritual formation, and serving God by serving others.

But, there are challenges. Standing on the edge of a new frontier, we must pioneer new and innovative ways of being the church, reaching new people, and being a vital witness for Jesus Christ in the community and the world. 

Our Vision & Calling 

As we look to the future, Blacksburg United Methodist church sees new opportunities to build off its roots and bear witness to the Christian faith in the midst of a rapidly growing community. Our vision for the future includes vibrant worship; ministries with children, youth, college students, and senior adults; local outreach; international missions, and new strategies to invite and welcome newcomers to join us as we grow in both discipleship and service to others.


Our goals are to grow thoroughly, to live purposefully, and to give generously, all to God's glory.


 Interested in taking the next step with us? Here's how:

Baptism at BUMC

The sacrament of Baptism marks the beginning of a life-long journey of faith and initiates an individual into the life of the church. As a response to God’s love, baptism is appropriate at any age: infant, child, youth, or adult. 


When infants are baptized, both the parents and/or sponsors, and the worshipping community commit to nurturing the child in their spiritual development until they are old enough to profess faith for themselves. 


Adults who are baptized for the first time in a service of worship at Blacksburg UMC become professing members of this congregation, of The United Methodist Church, and of the church universal.


Baptism is a one-time event. United Methodist’s do not practice re-baptism, but United Methodists do recognize baptisms performed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in any Christian denomination. 


Interested in being baptized, or having your child baptized?  Fill out this form [Baptism policy attached to form] and return by email to Jennifer Fletcher, Associate Pastor at  She will contact you to discuss next steps.

Confirmation at BUMC

Confirmation is an opportunity for youth age 7th grade or older to learn about what it means live as a United Methodist Christian. At Blacksburg UMC, Confirmands and their parents learn together about this next important step in their faith journey. Confirmands are given the opportunity to profess their faith and be received into membership during worship on a Sunday in the spring every year.  If a confirmand has not previously been baptized, this will occur as a part of their confirmation.


Want to learn more about confirmation?

Email Meghan Craig, Director of Youth Ministries at

Membership at BUMC

Baptized individuals wishing to become members of Blacksburg UMC, can unite with this congregation by professing their faith in a service of worship, transferring membership from another church, or by such pathways as Affiliate and Associate Membership.  Interested in making Blacksburg UMC your church home? Fill out this form [create form] and return by email to Jennifer Fletcher, Associate Pastor, at


Questions about pathways to membership? Contact Pastor Jennifer by email or phone at 540-552-5424 ext. 2.


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