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Feb 5, 2023 - 6pm

15 mins (6:15-6:30)

Confirmation - Music


Youtube Playlist 


  1. Historical Music - Charles Wesley 

    1. (4:11) 

    2. Important because it connects us with our past - Communion of the Saints. However, I believe that God is still calling us today! His presence is still around! And there are people who are writing new music for God. All sorts of people, not just white men - which a lot of the songs in our hymnal are by white men! But, people of color and women!

  2. Music as a tool for Justice, inclusion, and representation 

    1. My philosophy is that it’s important for us to use a variety of music to bring together the kingdom of God!

    2. Some Music by Women

      1. Karen Marrolli



      2. Ruth Duck 


        2. “Wash, O God Our Sons and Daughters”

      3. Rosephanye Powell

        1. “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” 

        2. - The Cry of Jeremiah - NY Premiere

    3. People of Color

      1. African-American

        1. “This Little Light of Mine” - African-American Heritage Hymnal

        2. “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” 2145

        3. Richard Smallwood “Total Praise” 

        4. Mark Miller 

      2. Latin Music

        1. "Enviado Soy de Dios" Sent Out in Jesus’ Name Words: Anon.; trans. by Jorge Maldonado Music: Trad. Cuban; arr. by Carmen Peña 

        2. “Holy, Holy, Holy” TFWS 2007 - Argentine folk melody

      3. Music from Asia and the Pacific Region


          1. 678 “Rise to Greet the Sun"

          2. 478 "Jaya Ho"

          3. 552 “Here, O Lord, Your Servants Gather”  

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