BUMC continues to focus on God’s given mission to “Make disciples for Jesus Christ”. This inventory is to the best of our knowledge, all the programs where members SERVE. We have categorized them based on Jesus’ last words to his disciples, just before ascending into heaven in Act 1:8, he said “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” The disciples were to spread the gospel cross-culturally beginning from its geographic origin in Jerusalem to the surrounding areas of Judea and Samaria and ultimately to the ends of the earth.


-The sphere of influence of BUMC, Blacksburg, including Virginia Tech, and nearby places

R- Adult SS Classes: Each class supports a variety of projects

 #-Gunnar Teilmann: MaryAnn Cass

 #-Journey- Jennifer Cooper

 #-Koinonia: -Cindy Wood

 #-Logos- Darla Donald & Minnis Ridenour

 #-Pairs and Spares- Donald Mullins & June Mullins

Alcoholic Anonymous:

Different AA groups meet in our building six days per week- contact is confidential through the Dir. Of Admin.

#-Balance Class-

a program to assist a group of seniors (members and non-members) to develop skills to better cope with balance issues. POC: Jan Notter,

Blacksburg Refugee Partnership-

a local program to assist refugees currently from Afghanistan to become self-sufficient. BUMC has provided financial assistance and hosted a dinner for one family. POC: Claudia Clark, Jackie Nutter, Minnis Ridenour, Rick & Phyllis Geoghegan

BUMC Youth-

They are doing various small projects, including volunteering to help with the FL flood relief effort. They are still considering what to do about a big project. POC: Crista Craighead

Church and Society-

Involved in social justice issues, including fair trade sales at both campuses. In June they hosted a table on gun violence and safe storage, in Sept. they participated in a voter engagement project and in Oct. they held a children’s consignment sale. POC: Tindal Snyder

R- # Fun 143-

        Mentoring at the Hollins Estate trailer park. Literacy Vol. of NRV also use this facility for teaching ESL. Will soon start a book drive and want to            build a handicap ramp. POC: Sam Sowder, Donna Morgan & Diana Love.

R- #-Habitat for Humanity:

           POC: David Hamilton & Don Mullins

#-Hermitage Guild-

     Representative/POC:   Jan Notter

R- #-Montgomery County Christmas Store-

           An all-volunteer, community-wide, non-profit organization begun 40 years ago by BUMC members of the Pairs & Spares SS Class. They assist               1450 low-income families during the Christmas season by providing a shopping experience characterized by choice and dignity.              gggggBUMC provides many volunteers but no $ support. POC: Carolyn & Merv Timberlake,

R-#-Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program-

         A nonprofit located in Christiansburg, VA, begun 47 years ago to serve the needs of residents in all of Montgomery County. A 100% volunteer           organization to meet the immediate, emergency, and temporary needs of low-income, unemployed, elderly, and handicapped individuals and           families. MCEAP helps these families with food, clothing, household items, and financial assistance where existing agencies cannot do so.

         POC: Elizabeth Sorenson & Linda Tegarde

R #-New River Community Action, Inc. –

        A nonprofit 501(C)(3), located in Radford, Virginia, begun 57 years ago to serve the needs of residents in the entire NRV. They hold the                        conviction that poverty and hunger are not acceptable conditions in our communities and believe that ending poverty is an attainable goal  r            through joint community efforts. This agency receives its core funding through the federal and state Community Services Block Grant. Other rrr   federal and state grant funds, local government and private support provide additional program revenues. These three programs fall under              their guidance.

R- #- Home to Stay: This program serves as a safety net for low-income persons about to lose their living quarters. It is currently on hold and Dick has solicited a proposal from New River Community Action to help with this program

POC: Vicki Eggleston

R- #- Interfaith food pantry: A joint ministry of over 25 churches in Blacksburg providing food assistance to income-qualified individuals and families. This is a program of New River Community Action, to which we provide the building, food donations and volunteers –Mike Snyder- President of BOD, Darla Donald, -volunteers, & Chris Warner, “US + ONE food donations

R- #-To Our House: Cold weather homeless shelter hosted in our building for one-week in the winter. We provide financial and volunteer support to this program of New River Community Action. POC: Beth O'Connor

R-#-Prayer Shawl Ministry-

         A group of women who meet monthly to knit shawls for women and lap robes for men who are on the prayer list & others. They also knit                  baby bonnets for the Montgomery County Christmas Store POC: Dale Kraige & Verena Bell

Parish Nurses-

 operate a medical equipment closet, loaning such equipment as wheelchairs, walkers, etc.to BUMC members and the community- Donna Morgan   They hope to oversee two Red Cross blood drives/year, and conduct a monthly worship service at Warm Hearth Village POC (seniors): Becky   Daniels & Lora Epperly

Surviving Spouses-

a group which meets weekly at rotating homes of widow and widowers from BUMC and other churches, plus once a month at a restaurant for dinner POC: Cindy Wood


A group of community women desiring to lose weight who meet once per week in our building POC: Shirley Sarver

#- United Women of Faith (formerly UMW)- Three Circles

                                           Circle Lydia: Pat Marlowe

                                           Circle Martha: Karen Finch, June Mullins

                                           Circle Ruth: Nora Kirstein, Diane Naff

     support a variety of programs including, UMCOR school kits, hygiene kits and cleaning buckets, The Interfaith Food Pantry, The Women's                   Resource Center of the New River Valley, Fun 143, The Montgomery County Christmas Store, MCEAP, To Our House, Beeks Elem. (treats and               book), BUMC Youth Program, BUMC Children's Program, Funeral Receptions for families and friends, Greeting cards to BUMC shut-ins, Support         for BUMP.

     POC: Phyllis Geoghegan

R-#-Wesley Foundation-

        A VT campus ministry, which has a student Missions minister who leads a team and active program, which includes: the weekly student food            pantry and tutoring of Jr. and Sr. HS students at Fun 143. Once/year programs include providing 1300 cake mixes for Montgomery County                  Christmas Store, Spring break mission trip (they use the BUMC emergency trailer), Christmas Angel Tree, To Our House meals, and several                  social justice issues. POC: Rev. Bret Gresham, Savannah Greene.


-New River Valley, SW VA, and other parts of Virginia

UMW (now United Women of Faith)-

Camp Alta Mons, Henry Fork Service Center in Rocky Mount, VA (children's center in low-income area, Kids Soar (children and youth literacy program in Roanoke), Valley Ridge (formerly Roanoke) District Missions, VA Conference Missions, Two National Missions in VA: Wesley Community Center, Portsmouth and Justice for Our Neighbors, Annandale, Phyllis Geoghegan,

Disaster response VIM trips-

These disaster relief efforts are on hold, but we hope to bring it back to life soon. POC: Jackie Nutter & Keith Davis

VA Annual Conference mission support-

financial support for their annual project.


Other parts of the United States

New River Valley, SW VA, and other parts of Virginia