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A Lenten sermon series with accompanying small group study

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The last three years have unleashed illness and death unlike anything we’ve seen in generations.  The pandemic surfaced buried anxieties and racial tensions, and exacerbated violence and our sense of isolation.  Now more than ever our communities and our world are crying out for justice and a cure.  God’s people are being challenged to show up—even in our own brokenness and vulnerability—to bear witness to Jesus, the Wounded Healer.  Join us this Lent as we return to the God who binds our wounds, and uses our scars to bring hope to a dying world. 

February 26 - The Sozo Gospel

March 5 - Healing Hands of Jesus

March 12 - Church as Field Hospital

March 19 - Putting On and Taking Off Masks

March 26 - The Marks of Wounded Healers

April 2 - The Lifeblood of Leadership

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