For many years Blacksburg United Methodist Church (BUMC) has provided an excellent program of educational enrichment for young children of the Blacksburg area.

The Preschool operates under the direction of a Preschool Board, nominated by the Church and elected by the Annual Church Charge Conference.  Members of this Board are selected on a basis of knowledge, experience, and interest in the education of young children.  The policies, procedures, and goals under which the Preschool operates have been formulated from guidelines set by the Board.  The Director of the Preschool is employed by this Board as are the teachers and support staff upon recommendation of the Director.

The Preschool day includes a wide variety of activities.  These are designed to encourage creativity and discovery as well as to meet the developmental needs of the child.

Questions related to Blacksburg United Methodist Preschool (BUMP) may be directed to or call at 540-577-7482.

Operation: The Blacksburg United Methodist Preschool operates under State Religious Exempt Status and files documentation annually with the Virginia Department of Social Services.  The school is inspected by the Fire and Health Departments annually and meets or exceeds their regulations.